• A one-size-fits-all approach to strategy execution does not work in a multigenerational world. The most effective leaders understand how to adjust their management style to leverage the strengths of everyone in their workforce—and bridge the generation gap.

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  • Have you invested in a new sales model and the best sales training and coaching but have still not made an impact on revenue, market share, or profitability the way you’d like? To achieve your sales targets, start by identifying and adopting business critical behaviors for your sales team.

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  • 89% of executives say strengthening, reengineering and improving leadership is a top priority.* Is the talent in your leadership pipeline ready to go?

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    Do you want to meet or even exceed performance goals—all while satisfying customers, reducing costs and creating a unified and engaged culture?

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Amy Durgin, Ph.D.

Amy Durgin, Ph.D. Amy Durgin Ph.D. is a skilled and dynamic behavior analyst who uses her interpersonal and problem-solving skills to analyze individual and process performance issues.