“I think CLG understands our business, understands the business model, even knows many of our customers. It is familiar with our projects and what they require. So, when there is coaching, it is not just based on the behavior of the people involved, it is based on what those people have to produce in order for the business to be successful.”

“When we engaged CLG, what we were really looking for was a thought partner. Somebody who would come in, bring some fresh perspective, bring some new ideas, but also, at the same time, bring in some structure and an approach to help drive our decisions and our structure to our program.”… “they (CLG) were there to support us—to help drive our agenda, not their agenda. That was a very fresh perspective.”

“Most people are delivering the same thing, which is basically a leadership model to effect change and so I think the fundamentals are very similar. So what differentiated CLG, of course, was the in-field coaching and the real commitment and ownership of results. I find that a lot of consultants are very quick to provide suggestions; very quick to then disengage; and when you don’t hit your results, they find fault in your execution of their suggestions. I do believe that CLG has become a real partner with us, owning the results along side us.”

“The behavioral approach has made a huge difference in our organization. The before/after is startling: tremendous gains in our ability to get things done; more effective executives; talent development;  job satisfaction; cost-effectiveness—I am convinced that it is because of applying behavioral science. We have more than tripled earnings in a very competitive industry—the proof is in the pudding.”