Less Teaching New Tricks. More Reaching Inside.

No two individuals are the same. Yet most leadership development programs aren’t designed to address the many qualities and quirks that make your leaders unique.

CLG Leadership Development solutions lead the pack because they’re customized to the individual. First, we dig into what your leaders do and say and the impact that has on others. Then we employ the proven principles of Applied Behavioral Science to develop their strengths and help them address barriers to success. No process works better to transform how your leaders use their talents and expertise to motivate change and high performance in others.

When leaders lead, success follows. So turn up the potential in your people using the on-site, on-target solutions you can only get from CLG. And discover the difference a tailored approach makes.

Leadership CatalystSM

Behavior change is critical to instituting a corporate environment that breeds success. Likewise, it is critical that the necessary leadership skills be developed for the successful execution of a corporate strategy.  Leadership Catalyst helps develop the intellectual and practical capabilities of leaders and enables them to: 

  • Engage staff at all levels throughout the organization
  • Align desired outcomes with the desired culture, behaviors, measures and organizational levers
  • Create an environment that promotes discretionary performance
  • Assess and position talent to strengthen the overall organizational competence
  • Enhance participants’ self-insight

Leadership Catalyst solutions include:

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching  is typically conducted with individuals, but can include work with the executive’s team or peers on an as-needed or regular basis. Coaching can involve a broad approach to organizational issues, such as anticipating, understanding and reframing organizational issues and opportunities, and evaluation, enhancing or mitigating their broader impact.

Executive Team Coaching

Focusing on both the team and its individual senior sponsoring executives, CLG coaches your leaders to develop the strategy for organizational change, including such issues as alignment around specific business opportunities, transforming the culture or management climate, focusing on a specific initiative, alignment around the desired future state, transformation of your business’ strategy, alignment regarding priorities, and the need for more effective execution.

Leadership and Leadership Team Development

A structured methodology that provides a disciplined approach for quickly and systematically developing and aligning management teams as well as enhancing predefined leadership competencies of individual managers. CLG’s Leadership and Leadership Team Development provides training and motivation through individual and team sessions, incorporating tools such as 360 feedback scores, interviews and self assessments.

High Potential Coaching

Thoughtful and targeted coaching which includes education, ongoing feedback, observation and support for high potential managers. CLG conducts individual sessions designed to encourage new skills and behaviors enabling high potential managers to prepare themselves for executive roles.

Executive Advisory

CLG Executive Advisors have decades of experience leading in top global organizations. Each lends their  seasoned wisdom to CEOs and c-suite leaders in navigating their most pressing challenges. These include turnarounds, succession, merger integration, cultural transformation, Board relations, risk management, and career change. Learn more

CLG's Leadership Catalyst suite also includes solutions for:

  • New leader transitions
  • Strategic talent management
  • Leading the new generation