Less Hard Sell. More Buy-in.

True change doesn’t happen overnight. Pep talks and one-size-fits-all tactics don’t get results--at least, not for long. Buy-in is bedeviled by roadblocks. Staying on track is little more than wishful thinking. Change is only possible when your leadership fully embraces it from beginning to end.

CLG Change Management uses the proven principles of Applied Behavioral Science to create the leader-led, meaningful change that’s critical to the success of any global organization.

We help your leaders actively move your people toward change and achieve the outcomes the business needs. We come to you, roll up our sleeves and adopt your challenge as our own, transforming how your people think about and perform during change. From your leadership on down, we’ll change the way you get change done, once and for all.

Change CatalystSM

As a leader in today’s business world, you have dealt with the fast pace of change.

Executives consistently call out the need for excellent strategy execution as a top challenge.  More and more often, executives say they need their organization to be fast, flexible, and adaptable to change.

At CLG, we have devoted over 20 years to perfecting a method that consistently achieves the full potential of change initiatives. We call it Change CatalystSM, because that is exactly what it does—it catalyzes change.

This powerful methodology ensures that you succeed because it makes certain that leaders – the most powerful change agents - own the change from beginning to end.  It helps everyone encourage the right behaviors in the right way to create lasting results.

Make-it® Possible: Executives achieve visible, validated alignment on business outcomes and scope of change which enables decisions to be made for the good of the enterprise while allowing senior leaders to control the impact of change in their areas

Make-It® Clear: The organization is aligned on business outcomes, the case for change, scope, impact, and high-level Change Roadmap which creates readiness to embark on the change

Make-It® Real: Leaders and key performers are engaged and ready to execute new behaviors with confidence which creates a change-resilient organization prepared to do things differently to achieve the most optimal result with this (and future) changes

Make-It® Happen: New behaviors and results are realized, and leaders/key performers are confident and energized which prevents performance dips, enables rapid adoption with minimal turmoil, and brings to light systemic factors necessary for sustainability

Make-It® Last: Barriers to sustainability are removed, continuous improvement is initiated, and management and HR systems are adjusted to reinforce changes which increases the organization’s appetite and capability to tackle future changes

Change Catalyst is a ground-breaking, customized, step-by-step process that builds leader capability in change and ensures alignment, readiness, execution, and sustainability.  Leaders and internal change agents are equipped with proven tools for creating shared ownership of change – resulting in the leader and their employees adapting rapidly with courage and confidence.