Less Wishful Thinking. More "Perfect Days."

Imagine a production facility that has been one of the poorest performers in the industry for several years.  A new general manager enters and does all of the right things; refreshes the business strategy, creates alignment with the senior leadership team, ensures that capable people are in key roles, launches employee engagement initiatives. 

One year in, there is no discernible change in site performance.  The general manager is at a loss and says “Imagine if we could have just one Perfect Day.  What would that look like? What would it take to get there?”   This is a true story.

Creating Perfect Days one day at a time allows leaders to create conditions where everyone in the organization is doing the right things, all day, every day to:

  • Achieve annual business plan objectives
  • Implement disruptive change successfully
  • Deploy initiatives according to plan

As in the story, whether your company is a top performer or a poor performer, leaders today must pay a great deal of attention to taking long term strategies and translating them into short term operational plans. When it comes to leader and workforce behaviors required to execute operational plans, many leaders believe you train people and tell them what to do and they do it. This approach leaves a lot to chance.

The right behavior change doesn’t “just happen” on its own. A laser-like focus on leader and workforce behaviors is essential to creating Perfect Days.  The principles of Applied Behavioral Science is your key to successfully getting the right behaviors started and ensuring the behaviors occur consistently and sustainably.

To turbo charge your operational excellence efforts to achieve your Perfect Day you need to:

  • Identify and align the critical few leader and workforce behaviors
  • Identify  and implement the key actions that will get the right behaviors started
  • Prepare leaders to lead. Ensure the right behaviors continue to occur consistently to achieve Perfect Days.

Are you ready to create Perfect Days – day after day – month after month – year after year?