Steve Jacobs


Steve Jacobs is an expert international consultant and executive coach with a remarkable track record of results and culture change across a range of corporate situations. Clients trust him to provide quality leadership, coaching, mentoring, and insightful implementation strategies that lead to sustainable change.

As a CLG executive coach and consultant, Steve works with high-level executives who are ultimately accountable for the speed, return, and sustainability of major initiatives across a broad range of challenge areas, including:

  • Large-scale strategic change (e.g., business model transformation, cultural transformation, merger integration, and new process/technology deployment)
  • Development of international educational and executive coaching programs
  • Behaviorally-based strategy execution
  • High-performance design (Greenfield, Brownfield)
  • Alignment of leadership teams
  • Enterprise-wide strategic architecture
  • Performance acceleration

Steve specializes in large-scale strategic change initiatives with senior management teams, building companies’ ongoing implementation capabilities, and providing executive coaching with 24/7 availability. He offers experience with coaching boards of directors (BODs) and high-level executives who are board members, as well as with presenting to BODs and coaching executives in presenting to their own boards.


As part of an aggressive enterprise-wide strategic redesign, Steve guided the development and implementation of new business architecture for an international insurance carrier. The company’s technology base, product development processes, customer acquisition systems, and strategic business planning processes were redesigned. This level of change required coaching for senior leaders, as well as extensive retraining for employees. As a result, the client achieved record customer retention and profits, and doubled its stock price in three years.

Steve worked with the executive board of a financial services company to finalize its “reinvention” strategy and to develop the multi-year execution roadmap to drive accelerated deployment. Given the success of this initial work, Steve was asked by the chief executive to assist him in embedding a best-in-class deployment process throughout the company’s divisions.

For a Fortune 100 healthcare insurance company, Steve worked with the senior leadership team to sponsor a Performance Catalyst® initiative that regained large-market share, achieved significant improvements in productivity and quality, earned the first J.D. Power Award for customer excellence in the industry, and improved employee engagement scores from “worst to first” in the global enterprise.

Steve is currently leading CLG’s partnership with a major U.S. business school’s flagship executive program to provide executive coaching and field execution support to leaders in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia Pacific.

For a national governmental agency in Europe, Steve helped develop an integrated educational/executive coaching program to enhance and sustain the country's economic foundation through increasing exports and job creation. The initial focus was in the technology and life science sectors. He structured the executive coaching process to complement the educational components in partnership with a major American university (in technology and life sciences) and a university corporate education program (in engineering and construction). He directly coached several CEOs while continuing to shape the program's superstructure in partnership with the client nation’s leadership to impact 150+ CEOs and their companies.

For an American healthcare enterprise, Steve coached a number of senior leaders on the executive management team to accomplish enterprise leadership development objectives and to achieve simultaneous impact on business results. This work was cited as a best practice by the Corporate Leadership Council in its benchmark report, Maximizing Return on Executive Coaching.

Steve has led the behaviourally based change leadership support efforts for more than a half dozen major IT implementations in industries ranging from financial services to global oil and gas, healthcare, construction and engineering, and medical equipment manufacturing.


Steve’s corporate roles have encompassed new business start-ups, divisional turnarounds, merger integration, divestiture, supplier partnerships, and enterprise-wide strategic change implementation. He has also been involved in founding and/or leading the growth of three successful professional services firms during his career.

Steve has authored a number of articles on topics such as Preparing Global Leaders, and is lead author of the recent award-winning book, Behavior Breakthrough – Leading Your Organization to a New Competitive Advantage. He holds an interdisciplinary B.A. from the University of California and a Masters degree from Harvard University.

He often is an invited speaker at corporate and conference events as well as for executive programs at major business schools and corporations.