Less off the Shelf. More on the Job.

At CLG, we’re not your typical management consultants. We don’t theorize from afar. We dive into the trenches of everyday worksites, helping clients use real-world Applied Behavioral Science to overcome critical challenges…inspire and maintain peak productivity… and create systemic positive change from the top down.
For Fortune 500 and large non-U.S. companies, CLG has been unlocking game-changing human potential since 1993. Today, we are the largest behavior-based management consulting firm in the world because our proven science brings lasting results. And so much more.

We find that most companies have a clear business strategy and have made significant investments in their processes. However, strategic plans, effective work processes and bright people alone are not enough to drive and sustain meaningful improvement in organizations. To bring strategy and processes together to produce sustainable results, behavior (what people say and do at work), must be positively managed throughout an organization.

Using the principles of Applied Behavioral Science CLG helps organizations:

  • Drive excellence in execution
  • Achieve strategic change
  • Increase and sustain top-line growth
  • Improve leadership development
  • Realize culture change
  • Improve productivity

...as well as addressing many of your other critical challenges. Whether your goal is managing and leading change, achieving business plan results, or improving leadership impact, CLG can provide a solution based on your specific requirements. When it's time to make things happen, look to CLG.


CLG was founded in 1993 and during the early years was known as The Continuous Learning Group, Inc.  The company was established on the principle that Applied Behavioral Science (ABS) can equip organizations to work more efficiently, create better work environments and effectively respond to complex operational challenges.

Leslie Braksick, Ph.D. and Julie Smith, Ph.D., colleagues at West Virginia University’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and Development, Inc., cofounded CLG in 1993 as a vehicle for incorporating Applied Behavioral Science into business management practices. Within two years of its founding, CLG had grown from a handful of consultants based in Morgantown, West Virginia, to having employees throughout North America.

CLG’s corporate headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Other CLG offices are located in Morgantown, New York, New York, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition, CLG consultants and associates work with companies in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America.

CLG’s expertise in ABS has been applied to the operational improvement, strategy implementation, leadership effectiveness and culture change considerations of businesses across virtually all industries. Moreover, this philosophy has proven effective in addressing the complex business challenges of our ever-changing world economy, including change management, leadership through an economic downturn, strategic talent management, and achieving business plan results.

CLG consultants are arguably the best in this industry, providing practical applications of behavioral science that directly drives bottom-line results.

Through the years of growth and change, CLG’s culture has remained grounded in two solid principles: (1) to be the best at what they do, and (2) to create a safe environment where they practice what they preach – one in which people are encouraged to provide each other  feedback, promoting personal growth and well-being.