Preparing CEOs for Success — “What I Wish I Knew”

Preparing CEOs for Success - "What I Wish I Knew"

Preparing CEOs for Success is based on a research study sponsored by William R. Johnson, former Chairman, President, and CEO of H.J. Heinz Company. Twenty seven CEOs of top global companies were interviewed in a confidential forum to find out “What I Wish I knew” prior to becoming CEO. Each CEO shared their personal insights and experiences with CLG researchers and authors.  

The book is organized in four key sections:

Part 1 – What We Discovered

Eight common themes emerged from the research—things CEOs said that they were not prepared for and things that the CEOs wished they knew before moving to the role. That eight common themes that emerged were: Tenacity, Patience, and Judgment Required for Decision Making, Unique Challenges Posed by the Leadership Team You Inherit, Prioritization Takes on a Whole New Meaning, Developing a Trusting Relationship With Your Board is Essential, Transitioning Well Matters, Unending Governance Challenges, Public Scrutiny: No Private Life, and Isolation of the Job.

Part 2 – The CEO Prerequisites

The personal attributes that emerged from the interviews included six qualities that the CEOs felt were instrumental to their success which were: Integrity, Courage, Intellectual Curiosity and Continuous Learning, Resilience, Self-awareness and Humility, Dispassionate Compassion

Part 3 – The CEO Handbook

This part of Preparing CEOs for Success — “What I Wish I Knew” highlights a handbook of advice by the participating top global leaders. Presented as eight mini-reports, the CEO Handbook can be easily read and referenced as part of a company's senior executive development processes.

Part 4 – Highlights of the Participating CEOs and Their Companies

Twenty-seven CEOs participated in this study. These CEOs were from global companies most of whom have workforces of more than 10,000 people and revenues of $4B or greater. These dynamic individuals, who often wear the additional hats of Chairman or President, are presented in the book. Their profiles demonstrate their remarkably varied backgrounds and accomplishments in multiple sectors of global business.