The business leader seeking practical advice and wisdom has many options these days.  Too many, in fact. Blogs, articles, and postings abound—a tidal wave of ideas coming at you each and every day, more than you could possibly read. Yet much of this material is what we might call “management knowledge light”; much of it is opinion and hearsay.  Often it’s trendy. Sometimes it’s simply wrong. Where can you go when you’re looking for truly helpful advice grounded in decades of science as well as original research? Where do you go when you want substantive advice that really works?

For the past twenty years, we’ve been privileged to work with executives at dozens of the world’s largest corporations. Learning and growing along with our clients, we’ve accumulated a vast reservoir of data and insight into the challenges most leaders face as well as the processes, techniques, and actions that drive outstanding business results. It’s our pleasure to share these learnings as well as some of the latest innovative thinking in leadership development. In the months to come, we’ll cover many different topics of interest to organizational leaders and professional managers—including “how to” advice on achieving breakthrough performance, building leadership muscle, making strategy work, embracing innovation, architecting winning decisions, creating “Perfect Days” through operational excellence, and much more.

If you are an executive advancing your career, our upcoming series of posts will be of interest to you. In the coming weeks, we will report on the wisdom of 27 CEOs who sat down with us to discuss what they wish they had known prior to becoming CEO. Sharing the real experience of these executives, our posts should prove illuminating to executives and future CEOs seeking to prepare. We hope you enjoy them.

More on the CEO study can be found in the book Preparing CEOs For Success “What I Wish I Knew”. For more information, visit the CLG Bookstore.

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