helping our clients implement change is the identification and assessment of behavior levers. By identifying these qualities, we can better predict how employees will respond to behavior change initiatives, and how it will impact their performance.

We have identified these levers as Performance Drivers and have found that they are influenced by the external marketplace (customers, competitors and shareholders), as well as the leadership practices of the company itself.

Performance Drivers can include:

  • Mission
  • Values
  • Strategy
  • Goals
  • Core work processes
  • Technology
  • Facilities
  • Structure and roles
  • Decision-making
  • Information and measurement
  • People systems, including recruitment and selection, onboarding / assimilation, training, performance management, career development and exiting
  • Reward systems
  • Recognition systems
  • Renewal processes

CLG’s Performance Drivers study can be implemented to demonstrate the measurable impact of a behavior change initiative.