Successful leaders recognize when they are being objective or subjective, and they make adjustments in their communications accordingly. Objectivity involves using words and descriptors that are factual and neutral. Subjectivity involves moving beyond the facts and adding opinions, judgments and interpretations.

CLG implements the NORMS of Objectivity as a test to ensure that you are focusing on fact rather than interpretations or opinions when selecting behaviors. Each pinpointed behavior must meet all five NORMS criteria:

  • Not an interpretation – The behavior is objective and demonstrative (not subjective)
  • Observable – The behavior involves actions you can observe directly through your senses
  • Reliable – Two or more people agree that they have observed the same behavior
  • Measurable – An objective description of the behavior must include a way to measure it
  • Specific – The behavior must be described in detailed terms (who, what, when, where, why, how)

The goal of NORMS is to establish pinpointed behaviors that can be communicated to people so they understand exactly what to do and how to recognize when they do it. You must be as objective as necessary to accomplish your goal. By pinpointing, you can proactively create business results by managing the behaviors that drive them.