Managing the difficult processes of change takes a daily commitment to altering the behaviors of your employees and, in fact, your entire corporate culture. Even the best-intentioned program for change cannot succeed until patterns of behavior have changed.

CLG’s IMPACTSM Model lays the groundwork for determining and implementing desired behaviors among employees. The Make-It® Model applies this approach to organization-level improvements by focusing on issues such as leadership team alignment, development of an implementation and communications strategy, etc. The Make-It® Model organizes this strategy in four steps:

Make-It® Clear

  • Prioritize business opportunities
  • Align leadership teams to business opportunities and targeted results

Make-It® Real

  • Align all levels of the organization regarding key performers, High-Impact BehaviorsSM, and targeted results
  • Develop leading and lagging metrics and verify readiness of progress tracking tools
  • Prepare supervisors and their managers to accelerate execution to results

Make-It® Happen

  • Coach supervisors and their managers until they provide performance feedback at the desired level of frequency and quality-and targeted results are achieved
  • Leadership teams review behavior and results data to track progress and to identify opportunities to reinforce behavior, remove barriers, and provide enablers

Make-It® Last

  • Integrate Performance Catalyst®into business management systems
  • Embed Performance Catalyst® process and tools in internal consultant and leadership development processes

Application of the Make-It® Model to your business can pay attractive dividends by improving the effectiveness of your leaders, the rapid achievement of your targeted business results, and consistent execution of your strategic initiatives. Moreover, successful implementation of this model can have a positive influence on your evolving corporate culture.