Your corporate culture is created largely from the relationships that build throughout your business, reflecting the behaviors of one employee to the next. So, how do you manage the corporate culture so that it engages your employees while meeting the business objectives of the company? And, how do you select the appropriate leadership behaviors for change within your company?

CLG developed a simple process called the IMPACTSM Model as a tool to help leaders align and manage critical behaviors in their organization to affect behavioral change in individuals. This model follows four steps:

  • Identify and Measure your target results.
  • Pinpoint the critical few behaviors needed.
  • Activate and Consequate those behaviors.
  • Transfer fluency to sustain the behaviors.

The IMPACT Model is used to identify new behaviors that will consistently produce the desired results for your leaders, team, site, or business unit. It involves cultivating a change in the work environment that engages your employees and encourages new behaviors.

Identify and Measure

First, your leaders are asked to review their strategy and identify top goals for the year. The business opportunity specified in this step should align closely with goals included in written plans or strategy documents. Leaders are then asked to define measures for the agreed upon business opportunity.


Next, your leaders select the few critical behaviors, identify who performs them and precisely define them. They then choose an employee whose behavior has the greatest effect and identify one to three specific behaviors that will have the most impact on results. Once selected, these behaviors are refined to ‘pinpoints’ using CLG’s NORMS of Objectivity.

Activate and Consequate

In this step, pinpoints are aligned and organized throughout the team, site or business unit to create an overall, coordinated impact on business results. Your company’s leaders are asked to analyze consequences through CLG’s E-TIP Analysis® to determine the most effective way to encourage new behaviors. CLG teaches them how to use feedback and consequate the new behaviors with the greatest impact.


This step involves transferring knowledge and new skills so that each leader is fluent in the principles and techniques for sustaining the desired behavior and results. Implementing change requires continuous learning. Managing behavior through implementing new strategies becomes second nature – it is key to realizing change well.

Our companion program, the Make-It® Model, addresses the challenges of organization-wide behavior change beyond the IMPACT Model.