We at CLG excel in helping our clients drive behavior change because we offer an unparalleled expertise in Applied Behavioral Science. Our technology initiatives are backed by proven experience, practical methods, hands-on support and dedication to your success.

We can do this because we are particular about the people who represent us. Our consultants bring extensive training, certification and behavioral science experience to all CLG engagements, and our expertise ranges from organizational communication, crisis management, business strategy design and implementation, training development and organizational restructuring to strategy execution and performance improvement. In fact, we have more behavioral analysts than any other group, academia included.

From our headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are equipped to work with companies and organizations wherever they are located around the world. We work with multi-national and trans-national clients in the oil and gas, transportation, financial services, pharmaceutical, chemical, engineering and construction, call center, retail and consumer products industries.

Our consultants will apply their vast expertise to your business issues with the following objectives:

  • Converting strategy into results – We help leaders assess and choose strategies based on a full understanding of their functional needs and behavioral implications
  • Driving effective implementation – Addressing the changes end users must make to fully embrace new technology. We align the critical behaviors of individuals at all levels with your strategy, systems and work processes
  • Providing start-to-finish support – We coach your leaders about modeling and reinforcing desired behaviors in the organization