Through the implementation of Applied Behavioral Science (ABS), you have the power to influence every behavior within your organization. ABS helps leaders to understand the impact of antecedents and consequences of behavior. With CLG’s support, you can then utilize this science to implement behavior changes throughout your organization.

Our consultants coach your leaders by incorporating our ABS tools to analyze current and new behaviors. This allows you to identify what needs to be in place to achieve those desired behaviors and get the fundamental results you want. We help you “get results the right way” by:

  • Converting strategy into results, helping leaders assess and choose goals based on a full understanding of their functional needs and the behavioral implications
  • Driving effective implementation, because leaders need to address the changes end users must make to fully embrace new technology
  • Providing start-to-finish support in modeling and reinforcing desired behaviors in your organization

Our Behavior Change Tools have been developed to provide a clear roadmap for identifying the necessary changes and helping to take the steps to drive High-Impact BehaviorsSM. CLG’s Behavior Change tools include the IMPACTSM Model, NORMS of Objectivity and E-TIP Analysis®.

We have also created a system of behavior-based programs for Organizational Change. These proprietary tools include our DCOM® Model, the Make-It® Model and Performance Drivers.

Our behavioral-based methodologies are embedded in every solution CLG offers, helping you to execute your strategies faster, better, and more reliably. CLG’s Catalyst Solutions – including Performance Catalyst®, Change CatalystSM and Leadership CatalystSM – help to zero in on the vital behaviors your leaders and key performers must adopt for your organization to successfully implement strategic change. The best evidence for this is the results of our clients. We help organizations like yours understand the powerful engine that underlies real business performance – behavior.

We provide the knowledge and tools to drive improved performance and bottom-line results. We also stress the transfer of essential skills and technologies so you can sustain the results you need long after our direct involvement has ended, allowing you to apply the methodology to future challenges and opportunities.