Less cookie-cutter. More cut-to-the-chase.

Driving top-line growth. Launching new products. Improving productivity, reliability or safety. No matter what results you’re aiming for, cookie cutter plans only scratch the surface. You need a process customized specifically for your culture from a team that’s ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

CLG Performance Optimization creates lasting, embedded change in your company by employing the proven principles of Applied Behavioral Science. Our proprietary four-phase process inspires top leadership, transforms your culture and drives meaningful execution on all levels.

And since we instill in your key people the ability to replicate the outcomes, they’re not fleeting. They’re forever.

Key to the success of any effort to create a performance-based organization is the leadership and vision of your company’s management. CLG’s Performance Catalyst® is a powerful leadership process that strategically aligns and activates critical work behaviors to reach targeted results.

An organization that fully adopts Performance Catalyst® can expect improvements in:

  • Business results – measurable achievement of targeted results by fostering the critical few behaviors that make a difference
  • Culture – an environment that engages employees while focusing on the customer with an approach to achieving “the right results, the right way.”
  • Leadership effectiveness – improved leadership and coaching skills for leaders at all levels within the organization
  • Execution – faster, more consistent, more complete execution of strategic initiatives

CLG works very closely with your organization to learn your business, understand your challenges, and plan the strategies that will help ensure your success. Performance Catalyst® will help your leaders zero in on High-Impact BehaviorsSM - the few actions key performers must take for the organization to successfully execute strategic change or pursue operational excellence.

The Performance Catalyst® process has four stages, each one laying the groundwork for the next. Advancement through the stages is solely based on the organization’s progress.

  • Stage 1: Make-It® Clear – Prioritize the business opportunities. The senior leadership team is aligned and articulates their most important goals and how to measure them.
  • Stage 2: Make-It® Real – Align the organization to the critical path behaviors and prepare leaders to execute. Leaders throughout the organization prepare themselves to realize the intent of the senior leadership team. Leading and lagging metrics are identified to monitor behaviors.
  • Stage 3: Make-It® Happen – Execute. Coach supervisors and managers until they provide performance feedback at the desired level of frequency and quality – and targeted results are achieved.
  • Stage 4: Make-It® Last – Embed and Sustain. Leaders adopt the winning method used in the Performance Catalyst® process as the standard way of doing business.

Performance Catalyst® is a superior process for executing strategic change:

  • Driving top-line growth
  • Making your merger work
  • Deploying new technology
  • Transforming your culture
  • Launching new products

In addition, Performance Catalyst® helps leaders to reach operational excellence, including enhancing customer service, achieving safety and operational goals and implementing Six Sigma / Lean Manufacturing initiatives.