Executive Advisor

Areas of Expertise

Bill Innes employs his outstanding skills, executive experience, empathy, and insights when advising fellow executives. His style is seasoned from observing and leading thousands of people in various divisions of a Fortune 500/Forbes Global Top 10 Company on five continents over 40 years. His executive roles in one of the world’s largest corporations have given him a deep knowledge of global business and technology management, multibillion-dollar capital project execution, mergers and acquisitions, organizational transformation, intellectual property, and leadership of one of the world’s great research organizations.

As an advisor, Bill always brings the 50-yard-line view with its balanced perspective and candor. He helps senior leaders select their best opportunities, strategize, and align their senior teams, while always considering the impact upon everyone involved, from top to bottom. As Bill notes, “That’s how we get an organization aligned with what really matters.” 


Bill has advised colleagues with responsibility for strategic change in business units with revenues of $500M to over $10B. He knows first-hand the importance of advising international operations from the perspectives of both the corporation and the overseas executive, whom he helps keep connected and effective despite operating remotely.

Professional Accomplishments

Bill’s work at the Fortune 500/Forbes Global Top 10 Comapny benefited many parts of the corporation. He oversaw their chemicals business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; ran the petroleum businesses in Japan and Canada; and led the corporation’s global investment in fundamental science and petroleum research and engineering. Bill also led the team that developed the corporation’s system for ensuring the integrity of its safety and environmental performance. He has extensive experience in living and managing overseas.

Bill understands the thornier elements of leadership, often the hardest—issues of people and priorities. He led parts of two global corporate mergers, with associated people moves, right-sizing, anti-trust, divestment, and intellectual property issues, so he knows this terrain well. He knows, and shares, how to make the tough calls thoughtfully and humanely, drawing upon his extensive reservoir of practical experience.

Education and Background

Bill is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta, past Chairman of the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute, and member of the Board of Trustees of Liberty Science Center. He holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and Honorary Doctor of Engineering degree from the University of Birmingham.


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