Executive Advisor


For more than 50 years, Naoki Nishio has a proven track record as a leader in major corporations in Japan and the United States - specializing in advising, consulting, and marketing.  Naoki is well-regarded for his innovation and goal-orientation while utilizing a friendly and optimistic approach.

His advising and consulting experience has included engagements in Korea, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. He speaks Japanese and English.


Throughout his 36-year career with a large Japanese oil and gas firm (ESK; EXXON’s 100% subsidiary company in Japan), Naoki oversaw its business management and marketing activity. He also played pivotal roles in executing the company’s major mergers, such as the mergers of GSK, TONENGENERAL and MOBIL SEKIYU.

The Japanese government invited Naoki to help privatize one of its monopoly organizations within a three-year timeline. After successfully completing his mission in two years, he was appointed the new corporation’s president. This marked the Japanese government’s first time in recruiting the person who had worked in a foreign capital company as a leader of any government organization.

Naoki founded a consulting firm in 2008, and has since been involved in a variety of consulting/advisory engagements. As part of his advisory role, he worked with TOYOTA when TOYOTA wanted to develop a network of aftermarket shops similar to AUTOBACKS in Japan. He also provides advisory support to education and government agencies.

Naoki serves as an Executive Advisor to Japan’s top business school, Keio Business School (KBS).

Naoki is a frequent invited speaker at local government organizations, universities, oil associations, and energy companies.


Naoki attended the Law department at Keio University and completed a one-year MBA course of Keio-Harvard Business School. His Board memberships have included Esso Sekiyu (Sr. Managing Director), ExxonMobil Japan (Executive Advisor), and the Japan Alcohol Corporation (CEO). He also is an Executive Advisor for the Japan-Brazil Ethanol Corporation, Keio Business School, and TESCO.