Executive Advisor

Areas of Expertise

Julie’s hallmark is her astonishing energy and ability to help leaders improve the performance of thousands in their organizations. Gifted at simplifying complex organizational issues and creating actionable solutions, Julie has personally led dozens of challenging engagements for CLG’s Fortune 100 clients. With her guidance, CEOs crystallize their vision and messaging, distill company strategy into operational plans, and implement well. Her unique ability to identify the critical few behaviors that lead to success helps leaders gain traction, improve their game, strengthen team effectiveness, and achieve behavior change organization-wide.

As an advisor, Julie is transformative: those who work with her feel permanently changed and prepared for their next challenge. Her personal warmth quickly connects, and her business wisdom and insights help leaders attain unparalleled success. In a New York Times interview, a global pharmaceutical CEO attributed much of his personal success—and his company’s—to leadership skills he learned from Julie as he built a new culture of innovation and customer focus.

Julie’s ability to perceive the needs of individuals evokes a natural trust, making it comfortable for leaders to discuss their most difficult challenges, and they value her caring, patience, and suggestions.

Professional Accomplishments

Julie knows business leadership firsthand. As CLG’s co-founder and its first Managing Partner, she provided the firm’s vision and daily leadership. She grew CLG by managing the talent pipeline, creating innovative solutions for managing organizations and improving their performance and profitability, and creating a legacy of best-in-class results for clients.

She has helped her Fortune 100 clients achieve outstanding results on aggressive improvement initiatives, streamlining work processes, and coaching leaders to capitalize on their ability and move their organizations forward. She partners with senior executives and managers to help them navigate their organization’s inevitable cycles of challenge and change.

A founder and leader of multiple enterprises, Julie is an accomplished author, speaker, and international thought leader in applying behavior science and innovating ways to help organizations succeed.

Education and Background

Julie earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis from West Virginia University. She has served on several not-for-profit boards, most recently the WVU Healthcare System Board, and currently is a Trustee and Board member for the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies. In recognition of her visionary entrepreneurism, Julie was recently inducted into the West Virginia Business Hall of Fame and honored with the Outstanding Contributor Award for lifetime achievement by the Association for Behavior Analysis International.